But, How Does Euphebe Actually Work? A Step-by-Step Guide to the Euphebe Experience

We get it, cutting the crap is hard. Cooking nutritious meals is damn near impossible when life gets in the way.  That’s actually why we started Euphebe – to make eating in a way that actually benefits your health as easy as possible.

Unsure how Euphebe works? We've broken down the experience from start to finish...

  1. Pick Your (Anti) Poison

You have the option to choose between a 28-day ReBoot or a 7-day Mini-Boot so how do you choose!? As the name implies, the 28-day ReBoot is right for you if you are looking to fully commit to a month of delicious meals and engage in a lifestyle change. Trust us, the changes you’ll see after 28 days will be worth it. If a full-blown ReBoot isn't right for you right now, the 7-day Mini-Boot is is an option to learn the Euphebe essentials and experience what we're all about. Either way, you are making a great first step – congrats!

  1. Set the Date

The ship date, that is. Shipments will always take place on a Monday, unless a major holiday falls on a Monday. All shipments going to NYC and Brooklyn will arrive the same-day whereas non-local deliveries will arrive by UPS 1-2 days later. You'll receive 6 lunches and 6 dinners per week. 

  1. While You Wait…

Your box filled with Euphebe goodies is on the way but your new best friend, Coach E., will be sending you a comprehensive guide to the Euphebe experience by email. We also ask that you schedule a consultation with Coach E. so that any personal concerns can be addressed.

Make sure you've downloaded the Euphebe app.  On the first day of your ReBoot or Mini-Boot, you’ll start to get daily tips, advice and support from Coach E. via the app. You’ll also be able to track your progress.
  1. Hit the Store

While you can leave us with the heavy lifting, we let you decide which Euphebe-approved breakfasts, snacks and side salads to have. The welcome booklet you’ll receive has a shopping list and recipes for you to reference.

  1. You've Got Mail

When your box arrives, check the calendar card, which lays out your meals for the week. You'll want to keep the first few meals in the fridge to thaw naturally. The remainder of the meals should be placed in the freezer.

  1. When It’s Time to Eat…

If your meal is thawed, follow the reheat instructions on the packaging. If defrosting from frozen, put the bag in simmering water (bags are bpa free!) or warm in the microwave. Always add a side salad to your evening meal!

  1. Use the App

Coach E. is here for you via the Euphebe app. On the app, if you want to write to Coach E., you can easily send a private message and expect a prompt response  

  1. It’s over but it doesn’t have to be…

Reached the end of the ReBoot or Mini-Boot but craving more Euphebe?  We've got you for as long as you want and need us. You may subscribe for a weekly or biweekly box if you want to keep going with full intensity or you may opt for  a la carte for those special Euphebe favs! You can skip, pause or cancel your subscription whenever you please.